Friday, December 30, 2005

the year in the rearview

5. Spoon "Gimme Fiction": Simple, bold,
and eye-opening; like a cup of coffee after
a long night on the town. Britt Daniel is a
songwriter of sublime talent.
4. The Game "The Documentary": Stark
honesty + inspired production X ferocious mic
skills = west coast revival. The album drips
with consequence and guilt; two weapons
most rappers aren't hard enough to hold.

3. The Wolf Parade "Apologies to the Queen
Mary": strange melodies, disembodied vocals,
and two emotionally raw songwriters ; the most
unsettling brilliant album of the year.
2. Thelonius Monk Quartet w/ John Coltrane
"Live at Carnegie Hall": Two masters at the peak
of their genius converge for a truly monumental
musical and historical moment. The music
surpasses any raised expectations the pairing
creates; blazing, expressive and focused.
1. Kanye West "Late Registration": All the
hype (his own and others) aside; this album
stands alone because it is a unique instant of
ambition matching execution. West and
co-producer Jon Brion reache into every decade,
every genre, and create something dynamic
and wholly unique. Hip-hop roots itself
in this creative esthetic of
deconstruction/reconstruction; and this
album stays true to his endearingly
schizophrenic vision of a hip-hop landscape where
Paul Wall, Curtis Mayfield, and Adam Levine from
Maroon Five can co-exist. We respect Kanye
West because he continues to prove he's an artist of
blinding talent. We love him because he's not too
self-conscious to tell you that some of that glare
is shinin' off the diamonds on his chain.


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